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BugBountyHunter Hackevents

Put your skill & knowledge to the test with our virtual live hacking events with a fresh web application containing new features and vulnerabilities.

What are hackevents?

Hackevents are our virtual live hacking events for members who have reached Level 2 and above with 25 unique findings on BARKER. Attendees are given a fresh web application containing new bugs (separate from BARKER) and you have a set amount of time to try discover as many vulnerabilities as possible with the possibility to win a reward!

Collaborate with fellow members and share ideas in our Discord channel and experience what it's like to participate in a hacking competition, but most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Get an insight our what our members discovered and learn the approach they took to discover it. These members are required to learn the web application with no knowledge on what vulnerabilities there may be, like a true hacker.

Hacking to learn.

Past events


43 attended 155 reports disclosed
"FirstBood" is a medical web application which allows patients to create and manage/cancel their appointments. Attendees were provided with credentials for the admin account which allows them to manage these appointments and view any that were cancelled.

FirstBlood v2

64 attended 289 reports disclosed
"From us at the team of FirstBloodHackers, we want to thank you so much for your help on FirstBlood v1.0.0! We believe we've addressed most of the issues and we're keen for you to re-test our website to make sure we've patched issues correctly! We've also released our new vaccine management system which we're eager for you to play with! No credentials are available this time for FirstBlood v2.0.0 as we're still doing some testing on this.
Note: For this specific event we changed how bounties were awarded and tried to make sure bounties were split amongst as many attendees as we could. We also introduced rep sharing on disclosed reports.

FirstBlood v3

69 attended 117 reports disclosed
Our third installment of FirstBlood v3. What's different in this version compared to others, and what endpoints may still work? Sign up to attend HackerCamps and now you can also track your ambulance as it makes its way to you (if enabled).

Hackevent Winners

Researcher Event Unique Findings
HolyBugx FirstBlood v1 16 unique findings
iamvictorteh FirstBlood v2 19 unique findings
Panya FirstBlood v2 19 unique findings
HolyBugx FirstBlood v2 19 unique findings
Ayush1098 FirstBlood v3 30 unique findings
iamvictorteh FirstBlood v3 30 unique findings