ZSeano's Playground

Welcome to my playground which is a live web application containing recreated real life web vulnerabilities. Practise your hacking on this web application and see if you can use your curious mindset to discover all vulnerabilities. Some might be easy to find, some may require a keen eye.

This web application is a demo of what you can expect from BOUNTYHUNTER which contains a larger web application with more bugs. Please note triaging of issues on this free challenge is not available and this is only available for the members area.

Good luck and happy hacking!


  • No automated scanners to be used at all. Where's the fun in letting a tool do all the work? Hack on the scope manually or risk being restricted from the service.
  • You do not need to brute force anything.
  • You do not need to scan for directories or files
  • Hack on this manually and have fun.
  • Subdomains are NOT in scope and you are only allowed to practise hacking on the scope defined below.


ZSeano's Playground Vulnerabilities