FirstBlood-#1209Leakage of all users assigned to ambulances
This issue was discovered on FirstBlood v3

On 2022-12-08, pichik Level 4 reported:


Finally something more interesting.
I found a bug where all users , which are assigned to ambulances are leaked.


If you want to be assinged to ambulance, you need to add parameter ambulance=1, during appointment creation.
This parameter can be easily guessed after trying to retreive ambulance at /ambulance.php without any id, as error is pretty straight forward:
Error: Ambulance has not been enabled for this appointment. Make sure to enable it when making an appointment

Here is screenshot of how to add ambulance to your appointment:

(Not sure if this is bug on its own, if only doctors should be able to assign appointments to ambulances, as people can easily abuse this function and spam it)
After that you can go here /ambulance.php enter your appointment id and track your ambulance.
During this proccess there is call on api endpoint /api/ambulances.php?select=[id], which will find your ambulance. This select parameter is vulnerable to attack, which can retreive all ambulances and their users. Everything you need to do is change select to all and everything is shown: /api/ambulances.php?select=all



User names, IDs of their appointments, everything.
This should not be visible to other users as it contains PII.


Remove option to enumerate all from public search.

P2 High

Endpoint: /api/ambulances.php

Parameter: select

Payload: all

FirstBlood ID: 71
Vulnerability Type: Information leak/disclosure

The endpoint /api/ambulances.php leaks patient information if the parameter ?select=all is supplied

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Congratulations, you were the second to discover this!