GlassWire Program Statistics

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6 total issues disclosed

$475 total paid publicly

Most disclosed (2 disclosures) — Privilege Escalation

Disclosed Reports

Report Title Vulnerability Type Disclosed By Severity Disclosed on
GlassWire 2.1.167 vulnerability - MSVR 56639 Code Injection msvr Medium 2021-11-13
Uncontrolled Search Path Element allows DLL hijacking for priv esc to SYSTEM Privilege Escalation dawouw High 2021-06-04
Bypass GlassWire's monitoring of Hosts file Violation of Secure Design Principles xiaoyinl No rating 2016-07-23
GlassWireSetup.exe subject to EXE planting attack Privilege Escalation ericlaw No rating 2016-02-04
DLL Hijacking Vulnerability in GlassWireSetup.exe Code Injection ericlaw No rating 2016-02-04
Clickjacking: X-Frame-Options header missing UI Redressing (Clickjacking) bigbear No rating 2014-10-12