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5 total issues disclosed

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Most disclosed (2 disclosures) — Violation of Secure Design Principles

Disclosed Reports

Report Title Vulnerability Type Disclosed By Severity Disclosed on
It's possible to put SDX orderbook into invalid state and execute trades at arbitrary price Business Logic Errors nebolsin High 2018-10-14
Exploitable vulnerability in SDEX Business Logic Errors orbitlens High 2018-10-14
heap-buffer-overflow (READ of size 1) in cpptoml::parser::consume_whitespace() Heap Overflow geeknik No rating 2017-06-30
Session Cookie without HttpOnly and secure flag set Violation of Secure Design Principles k4yy1s None 2017-06-14
HTTP - Basic Authentication on Violation of Secure Design Principles mrr3boot Medium 2017-06-13