FirstBlood-#1001Admin Account takeover
This issue was discovered on FirstBlood v3

On 2022-12-08, didsec Level 5 reported:

Hi there

I found it is possible change the password of the admin account by sending a POST request to /drpanel/drapi/editpassword.php as it's only looking for the username this works even if unauthenticated

To reproduce :

  1. Visit and intercept the request
  2. Change the request to a POST request
  3. Add the body parameters username=admin and forward the request
  4. We are given a new password
  5. Go to to the login page and login we now have access the Admin account


FirstBlood ID: 52
Vulnerability Type: Auth issues

The endpoint /drpanel/drapi/editpassword.php still allows an unauthenticated user to modify the password of any account if the username is known. The username was renamed from previous versions from drAdmin to admin

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Creator & Administrator

Congratulations you were the second user to discover this bug :-)