FirstBlood-#126Open Redirect /drpanel/logout.php
This issue was discovered on FirstBlood v1

On 2021-05-10, iffu Level 5 reported:


Hi zseano.. I've found an Open Redirect vulnerability on /drpanel/logout.php and the vulnerable paramter is 'ref'.

Steps to Reproduce

  • While logging out from your admin account, you will notice the ref parameter in the URL.
  • Simply inject the payload /\/ in the value of ref parameter.
  • Observe that you will be redirected to


Using this vulnerabiltity, an attacker can send a phishing mail to a victim user and the victim user thinks that it is a legitimate URL and can be trusted and puts his details. But, actually the application redirects him to attacker controlled domain which looks exactly like If the user puts his details, his account may also be taken over

Thanks zseano for making this application. It makes me learn a lot how real world scenarios in bug hunting are.

P4 Low

Endpoint: /drpanel/logout.php

Parameter: ref

Payload: /\/

FirstBlood ID: 1
Vulnerability Type: Open Redirect

There is an open url redirect vulnerability on /logout.php. The code expects it to start with / and does not allow to redirect to external domains but this can be bypassed.