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Hackevent (FirstBlood) Activity

Report Title Event ID Severity Vulnerability Type
Leakage of P2 information of users who have taken appointment FirstBlood v1 High Insecure direct object reference
Stored XSS on /drpanel/drapi/query.php?aptid FirstBlood v1 High Stored XSS
Open Redirect /drpanel/logout.php FirstBlood v1 Low Open Redirect
P2 information disclosure of the users attending the events FirstBlood v1 CRITICAL Information leak/disclosure
Found a way to register as non-admin user FirstBlood v1 High Auth issues
Privilege Escalation on /drpanel/drapi/query.php and /drpanel/drapi/query.php FirstBlood v1 CRITICAL Application/Business Logic
Reflected XSS on /login.php using ref parameter FirstBlood v1 Medium Reflective XSS
Reflected XSS on /login.php using the GET paramter 'goto' FirstBlood v1 Medium Reflective XSS
Open Redirect on /login.php via goto body parameter FirstBlood v1 Low Reflective XSS